Sunday, June 5, 2011

The last few days have been so super crazy for me. Friday started with me working. Chris had to pick up some new comers so he was able to take Zach all day. Work was work and after I took Kairi to her dress rehearsal for ballet. I took some pictures since i knew i would be filming it on Saturday and wouldnt have anyone to take pictures then.

After we went home and Chris called and said he was at his shop waiting for the plane to land since it was running late. So we went to his shop only to have him say the plane had just landed so he was leaving. So Kairi and I went to the bx and picked up some gas coupons and grabbed some food and Chris met up with us at the food court.

Saturday morning he left for Germany. He's at the NCOA. I really hope this is the last time he leaves for a while. This time was more difficult for me the last times. And i dont know why. Hes not going to be gone for a long time or anything. Its just i think i'm really tired of him leaving and me having to deal with the kids complaining about how much they miss him. It puts a lot of stress on me every time. I just want a break and know hes not going any where for a while.

Kairi had her last baseball game yesterday too. I'm glad its over with. She says she wants to play next year, but shes not really good at sports where the spot light is on her at times. Like she usually gets upset if she gets out. I think soccer is better for her since its much more of a team sport. But we'll see how i feel next year i guess. I know for a fact Zach will be playing. He loves baseball and is pretty good for a 4 year old. He can hit the ball when i pitch it to him.

After baseball we came home and i worked on my paper for macroeconomics. Yeah that was tons of fun. ha And then we headed out to the school for kairi's ballet recital.

There are A LOT of reasons why i hate Aviano AB. Here is just another reason why i cant wait to leave.

The school has no parking lot. A lot of the parking area on that part of the base have 2 hour limit (though i hear they really dont enforce this anymore because of the parking issue which is good) but still if you want to go to the school you park far away and walk. Its slightly annoying. They do have a drop off zone where parents can pull up, not get out of their car and let their kids out. This is good for school hours.

Anyway because there is no school on Saturday they open up the bus parking lot and cars can park in there. I go in and of course its completely full. There are cars parked on the side of the school and everything (speaking of which, isnt that a fire safety hazard?). Anyway i think to myself that i'll just go park in the drop off zone since its not blocking the school if there is a fire or anything and plus its not school hours so why shouldnt we be allowed to park there? Plus i've seen people use it as a parking area before. So i get over there and park and wouldnt you know, an SP comes pulling up saying i cant park there because its not a spot. I automatically start laughing and ask if they are being serious and they say yes. I honestly cannot believe this. Its ok to park along the side of the school making impossible for a fire truck to get in if there is a fire, yet i am not allowed to park in an area that is open and not blocking anything. Whatever, i get in my car and drive to the other side of the base and park and walk all the way back to the school.

The show itself was decent. Really long, probably too long especially to be expecting little girls to sit the entire time. Hell i'm 27 and had a hard enough time trying to sit the whole time. Some parents are rude and have no manners and decided to stand in front of the girls who were watching the show, thus blocking their view and making the girls get up and they went to the front of the stage and were watching from there. Which, i cant blame them. I mean they just spent months practicing and finally get to see the whole thing come together and then some rude people decide to block their view. Not cool! Anyway this one mom sitting near me got all pissy when some of the girls were in her way of taking pictures. She was all yelling at the girls and telling her husband how she didnt want little girl heads in her pictures of her daughter. Some of the girls didnt seem to want to listen to her and stayed right where they were. lol Well she eventually had enough and went over to the teachers assistant and told her to move the girls. So this woman spent 90% of her time all pissed because she couldnt get the shot with no heads in it and trying to get girls to move and 10% actually keeping her mouth shut and taking pictures. To me, the whole thing is for my daughter. I dont care if there are kids in my pictures, as long as my daughter had fun. And she did! Although she was one of the girls to get yelled at by miss i want my pictures from a point and shoot camera free of children's heads.

Here is a video of the recital. Enjoy!


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