Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I have 2 DSLR cameras but really need a point and shoot. I'm tired of lugging the big cameras around when i want to take pictures and because of this i really havent spent much time taking pictures of my kids.

I have a sony cybershot that is oh i would say probably 6 or 7 years old. It still works but its way outdated (4.1 mp lol) and i have pretty much given it to the kids.

So i was searching and seen that canon s95 is one of the hottest cameras and has a lot of manual controls which is important to me. It also can shoot in raw, which while i appreciate that, its not THAT important to me since i'll just be using this camera for shots of the kids and every day stuff. Plus i will say that i have thousands of raw images that really should be converted to jpeg, but i'm lazy.

The other camera is the canon sx230 hs. Looking at reviews, users rated this slightly higher than the s95. However the f/ is better on the s95 but i'm not even sure it'll matter to me again because of my subject. If i want dof i'll pull out the bigger camera with my 24-70 l lens.

Anyway, the bx here doesnt sell either of these cameras (go figure right) but they do sell the s90. And from what i have read about the s95, some users say that the 90 is just as good as the 95. So i was going to buy that but of course the bx was all sold out. So now i HAVE to buy online, but i'm not sure about which camera to buy. I'm seriously leaning towards the sx230. Its cheaper and rated very well and still has a lot of manual controls. I also really like the gps in that camera for geotagging. We used to do a lot of geocaching and i think it could be fun to do with the camera.

So if anyone has either of these cameras, feel free to leave a comment and let me know how you like the camera.

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