Monday, May 9, 2011

About 3 weeks ago we got this little kitty...


He's half persian and as you can see, super cute!

At first we were unsure of how he was going to adjust living here. Well we were also concerned our our 2 year old Rottweiler, Zoey. Zoey is a wonderful dog, she's really gentle, but she can by hyper and well she LOVES to chase anything that runs.

The first couple days we kept Zoey in the kitchen away from the kitten. Every time they saw each other Zoey would whine and the cat would hiss. But i realized the only way to get them use to each other was to make them be in the same room. So i let Zoey back into the living room and at first it was bad. Zoey was hovering over the cat and the cat was hissing and scratching at her. But soon Zoey could careless about the cat.

Now days Zoey can be caught cleaning this little kitty and he just takes it and when she leaves he cleans himself off. Every now and then he must forget that shes much bigger and that hes actually kinda scared of her and he'll attack her tail when shes laying down. Its so cute to watch him.

This little kitty is just full of energy. When Zoey is outside, hes most playful. He will run around the house, attack our legs and feet. Hes now starting to jump up on everything, including the tv stand, where he then attacks the tv.

I've never had a house kitten before. I've never had a cat in the house growing up. In FL we got a full grown cat that i miss but we left her in FL. When we got here we got another cat but he didnt adjust to the dog at all, he spent all his time upstairs so we gave him to another family with no cat. Anyway, having never had a kitten in the house, i never knew how much energy they really have. I know eventually he'll become a lazy house cat like all cats are. So i'm enjoying having a kitten for once.

In other news. Chris will be going to NCOA soon. I have picked out and ordered my dress. Its super cute! I hope it fits and looks good on me. Thats always the worst part about ordering a dress online, but I really have no other choice here.

I really didnt want Chris to do this NCOA thing until we moved back to the states in hopes that we could get a family member to visit and watch the kids while i went to his graduation. However the AF had other plans for us, like they always do! But i am blessed to have a few wonderful friends here and one of them stepped up and offered to watch the kids for me while I go to his graduation. I'm so thankful for her!


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