Friday, May 20, 2011

Chris put in for tech school instructor which will be in at Sheppard AFB. I wanted to see what houses look like there so i head over to and sign in and check out the houses. Well the base actually puts pictures of their houses on the site to look at. And let me just say the e1-e6 3 bedroom houses look like complete shit! The only thing they have going for them is the fact that it looks like there is no shared wall, the houses are connected by carport. So in that respect its nice, but thats it. The e1-e6 2 bedrooms look decent. But the SNCO and Officer housing is clearly where its at! Newly constructed, big, and stand alone! To bad Chris wont even be able to test for e7 till 2013.

But it doesnt matter anyway because even if he was e7, we still couldnt live on base because as i scroll down and read all the extras i notice this extra part about pets. "Pet Notes: 2 walking pet maximum per household. Breeds NOT permitted: akitas, chows, dobermans, pit bulls, rotweillers, american staffordshire terriers, english bull terriers, wolf hybrids or any other breeds with traits geared toward aggression. NO EXOTIC pets."

See we have a rottweiler. She however is not dangerous. I've had people come over to the house to feed her while we were on vacation on a couple different occasions and she had never met them before. She didnt growl, she didnt bark. All she did was run over to them wagging her tail waiting to be pet. She is the sweetest dog i've ever owned. I think that instead of saying "no dogs with traits geared towards aggression" it should say "no bad pet owners". Any dog is going to be bad if the owner treats it badly.

So ok whatever, houses there suck anyway. Moving on i start looking at houses in the area to rent. And i start seeing a trend. Many of the houses will not accept "dangerous" pets. So my bad ass dangerous dog is not welcome in many houses but to top it off, these same houses are also saying no cats. Um thats a little crazy. I guess living here in Italy, i'm used to seeing it say "pets- cats only are welcome". Italy loves their cats i guess. But the States, i never thought we would have such a hard time finding a house that will let us have our dog and cat.

Going down the list a little more and i find a house and it says that pets are fine but there is a $25 per month fee! OMG WHAT? You have got to be kidding me right? This guy is going to be making a killing if hes able to find someone with pets and willing to pay that.

So in all, i hope that if Chris gets this assignment we'll be leaving around this time next year probably unless they curtail our assignment here which i dont know if thats possible (i would like it to be possible since i'm ready to leave) but i hope they have some better houses. You would think that being stuck here in crappy houses for 3+ years i would be happy to see any american style house but no, i'm extremely picky and its not helping that my animals are not welcome in the houses that i do actually like. And we are so not buying a house in that area. So i might just have to settle for something less than what i want.


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