Tuesday, May 10, 2011

So if you know me you'll probably already know that i'm not the biggest fan of Aviano. Today i added to the list of why i cant wait to leave here. This time it was the fact that i cant seem to get a job that i want. I wanted to work at the school because well, my daughter goes to school and it would be nice to not work when shes not at school right? Well i filled out the application and put that i was willing to be a teachers aid and i was even willing to do lunch monitor. Lunch monitor AKA the easiest job in the whole world. You just stand there and monitor kids while they eat lunch.

Today i get a call from DODES and the lady on the other end asks if i had any other work experience (i've only had 1 job in my adult life and that was last year, i worked at the movie theater here on base for 6 months before my husband deployed). I told her no. She then asks me if i have any volunteer experience. I tell her none that amounts to much (i am a stay at home mom after all). So then she says, well i see you are in college, how many credits do you have? I tell her 33 and shes like well thats not enough either, so you are under-qualified for any job at the school. Uh ok, so i'm useless and suck at life i guess. Thats what it sounds like to me when someone tells me that i'm not even qualified to stand around and watch a bunch of kids eat lunch! So i spent the rest of the afternoon having a pity-party for myself and eating a whole lot of Godiva chocolate (my favorite).

I took my daughter to ballet and my son and i went over to the bowling alley to take to my old supervisor/friend about the whole situation. And she thinks its complete BS that they wouldnt even hire me for the lunch monitor position. Shes the assistant manager at the bowling alley and manager at the coffee shop and told me if i want a job she always has a spot open for me. So we talked about that and if everything goes as planned i'll have a job at the bowling alley sometime in the near future.

I need to get a job at this point in my life. I'm 27 and have no real work experience (i guess not enough that actually counts). My son will be going to an Italian preschool in the fall, so i will have no reason to stay at home. I would hate to move back to the US and not be able to find a job because i'm old and never worked. But if all goes as planned i'm have a degree by then, so hopefully that will help me out too.


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