Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I really suck at blogging. Ha

So the last time i blogged was in July. Lets try to get caught up shall we...

August, i dont remember much that happened in August other than Chris sewed on Tech SGT and his 26th birthday was in August too. Oh and Kai started soccer and school.

September, i thought it would go slow, but i was so busy between Kai having soccer and ballet. Plus zach's 4th birthday was in September. And spent days wondering when my husband would come home.

October was Kairi' 7th birthday. Then 4 days later Chris finally came home. He got 2 weeks off of work to spend time with us. It was/is so nice to finally have him back. I could never be a single parent, its far to difficult.

We went to Germany and had a nice time up there. He went back to work yesterday.

I was doing school the whole time he was gone. Now that hes back i'm taking a break. I dont know how long i will be on break from it. Maybe till next term, maybe the term after, or maybe i'm just done. I really want to get back to photography. Thats what i want to do, so i think thats what i'm going to try and continue to do and to grow in.

So thats a quick update.


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I'm Nicole, though my close friends call me Niki. I've been living in Italy since August 2008. My husband, Chris, and I have been married since 11/20/02. Chris is in the USAF and we have 2 kids, Kairi and Zachary. I do photography and am also going to school for business management or marketing not decided yet.