Friday, July 16, 2010

This week started out fine. But tuesday things changed. I was stressed out over the massive amount of homework, plus editing pictures of my friends newborn pictures, plus i was emailed by a girl for pictures that i had totally forgot about and didnt know if i would now have time to do, and on top of that i learned something i had rather not known. The last thing was thankfully cleared up the following day, even if it does still bother me, i'm feeling way better about the whole thing. Homework, that stress just never ends. 300+ algebra problems a week and each problem takes me forever to figure out. Its so much stress. I did some more editing for my friend and put those on my flickr for her. She says she loves them (you can check them by clicking on my flickr link on the right). The maternity pictures for this other lady was stressing me out till this morning. I really had no clue how i would fit the shoot, editing, and also finding a babysitter into my whole mess of a life. Thankfully a girl i know here (shes also into photography) had commented on the photos of the newborn on my flickr. A lightbulb went off. I love her work, i feel like shes on my level with the quality of work and her post processing tastes are similar to mine, meaning she does clean work and doesnt add too much extra crap that a lot of newbies do. So i asked if she would be willing to take this session for me and she agreed and i asked the mother to be and told her i was confident in this photographer and she agreed to it too. I of course was sad, i mean i love photography, but school is just taking up a huge chunk of my life right now and i cant afford to put photography before it.

So now i feel less stressed than i did at the start of the week, but i still have about 50 more math problems, then take the test, plus i still have my survey of information systems homework. I need to take a time management class! lol

Oh plus another happy thing, we are half way through this shit...just a couple more months and my love will be home with his family where he belongs!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

So i guess the last time i blogged was back in March! Yikes! SO much has happened since then!

I turned 26...sad but true, i am getting old!

April we went to Paris and hit up disneyland. You can check out pictures of that trip on my flickr. The kids had a blast and it was nice to have some family time away from Aviano.

May was a sad month. Chris was supposed to deploy but it was delayed a couple times, but ultimately ended with him leaving a couple days later than what was planned. The kids actually didnt take it to bad. Zach kept asking where daddy was and if he could come home to eat. Kairi was more concerned about her best friend, Sarah, going back to the states for the summer. Chris calls and talks to the kids and Zach usually asks if he can come home now. He thinks hes on a plane flying around this whole time! lol

Kairi finished up the 1st grade in June. Shes looking forward to 2nd grade and hopes Sarah will be in her class again.

I quit my job at the theater. I was pretty much useless now that chris is gone and i cant work. I can always reapply when he gets back or go to work for my old boss at her new job over at starbucks! Sounds like a better option since that would be a day job so i wouldnt have to spend time away from my family because Zach should be going into an Italian preschool.

This month Chris sewed on tech sgt! Its been 13 months since we got news that he had a line number. His line number was really high so we had a long wait. Wont actually see the extra pay till this next pay check but i sure am excited to see what it looks like. Also on the 9th will be his 8 year mark for being in the air force. I cant believe it was almost 8 years ago when i dropped him off at the recruiters office, said good bye, and cried my eyes out the whole drive home and for a week straight after.

Today was Kairi's first day of ballet. Shes pretty good at it and she LOVES it! I'm going to try and get her in the fall/winter program. The list fills up sure quick so the first day of sign ups i need to be at the door and waiting when it opens in order to sign her up. This is something she wants to stick with. She is also looking forward to soccer in September...sign ups for that is the 12th i believe, though there is no rush to sign up for that.

We are almost half way done with this deployment. I'm so looking forward to the end. Its actually went pretty quick so far, i hope i dont jinx myself. I'm trying to do things to get me out of the house and to not dwell on the fact that chris is gone.

Plus i have my school work. I just finished up java, which is probably the most difficult thing i've ever tried to do! I'm so glad i passed and dont have to do it again. But i still have to do C++ which i'm REALLY not looking forward to.

Oh and since chris has been gone i have decided to try and lose weight (well actually started y journey at the start of the year but took a break in march and april). Anyway i've lost about 20 lbs since hes been gone and 30 lbs total for this year. I still have like 20 to 25 lbs to lose before i get to the weight i am happiest with.

I'll try to update more often.


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