Friday, March 5, 2010

So our trip back home has to be put on hold. Which really sucks because i would have liked to have seen my niece and nephew, but thanks to the air force i guess that wont be happening. We are now going to try and make it home November or December. I hate thinking about that because i know we will probably see snow while there, and thats not my idea of fun. But whatever.

So we were planning on going to Euro Disney in Paris, but then we figured with the plane tickets and hotel, it was going to cost us more than what we would have liked. So then we decided to go to Germany and check out some things up that way. Chris even sent away for his international drivers license.

Well then we seen that the trip place here on base was offering a Euro Disney/Paris trip! It would save us a lot of money because everything was included in the price. So we went a head and signed up for that. I'm super excited and Kai has been talking about going to Paris for a long time now. We havent told her we are going there yet, we want to surprise her.

So that will be April 8-11. Cant wait!

There is a world thinking thing for the girl scouts going on this weekend. I made some cookies to take in. I dont know why, but every time i make no bakes they turn out yummy, but they are always sticky. Are they supposed to be sticky? I remember this one kid in school, his name was Mike, and his mom always made no bakes. Well her no bakes were not sticky. So i assume mine are wrong, but maybe she was the wrong one. I dont know. They taste good at least. Ha. Anyway this world thinking thing is where the girls will be selling baked goods and its a chili cook off. All donations will go to support the Haiti Relief Fund.

I'm going to take some picture, since i totally slacked on taking pictures of kai when she was selling girl scout cookies.


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