Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Our plans for the trip home are still on. I keep having second thoughts, but chris really wants to go. I just dont like thinking about not having a place to stay and not having a car to drive. I would kind of like to spend our money on a trip some where around here or even a cruise.

Girl Scout cookies are on sale over here. Kairi was supposed to sell cookies on Sunday but I guess some of the girls were sick so it was canceled. So she'll be selling them tomorrow. Those of you who live over here, you should go buy a box from her. Tomorrow 3 till 5.

I have started working at the movie theater on base. It's a pretty sweet job. I'm way happy with the hours since I dont have to get a babysitter for Zach. I'm actually going to start training to become a projectionist.

The first week of work and doing school I was wondering if I had taken on to much. But last week I managed my time a little better and everything went more smoothly. I just need to remember to do homework during the day, which is sometimes difficult with Zach.

Monday, January 11, 2010

We are planning on going home, PA that is, in July. I kind of have mixed emotions about this. I would like to go home and see family and friends. I havent been back since April 2007 and Chris hadnt been there since November 2006. So its long over due. But its also very stressful to think about going there. We have no place to stay, no car to drive since we sold our Jeep. Plus we'll be playing space a, and not sure exactly how that works.

We had actually intended on not going back at all while we are stationed here in Italy. But my family hasnt seen my kids since Zach was 6 months old and Kairi was 3!

I always find it funny how people leave here and go back home after only a couple months of being here....and i find it even more ridiculous when those same people go back every 6 months or less. Maybe thats because we have been living far away from family since we were 18. Actually, we've only made maybe 5 or 6 times total...thats in 8 years!

I'm actually close to just saying screw it, i'm taking a trip some where over here instead.

Potty training with zach has been going pretty well. He gets angry about having to wear pull ups, but we have to have them on him for bedtime. Some days he wakes up dry and sometimes hes not.

He rarely has accidents, most of the time its because hes to busy watching someone play video games.

Kairi knows some of her times table...which is kind of surprising to me. I dont recall learning those in 1st grade. Its kind of scary! She is also on a waiting list for ballet. Shes been begging me to sign her up for it. I'm not sure how long the wait is, but every day she asks if today is the day. haha


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