Sunday, December 27, 2009

Kai has 1 more week of vacation. It hasnt been that bad. But Chris has been off work, so that tends to make things easier.

We had snow here on the 19th. Not just a little snow that doesnt stick for long. But several inches of snow! The kids enjoyed it and now they want to go on the mountain more than ever.

We started potty training zach earlier this week. No diapers, just undies (except for at night). Hes actually doing really well. Hes now holding himself when he has to pee. And last night he didnt pee in his diaper! I think this might actually be it for diapers.

Christmas was nice. The kids seemed to love everything they got. I didnt get any pictures of them opening presents...and i call myself a photographer. LOL oh well, i had the video camera running. I'm not sure why i didnt take pictures, it just slipped my mind.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

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Kairi received her girl scout pin today. First they did the pledge and then they did the girl scout pledge. I think Kairi was in her own world during the girl scout pledge. She was mostly playing with the wall she was standing next to. ha

Anyway Kairi loves girl scouts, she looks forward to the days she has it.


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