Sunday, August 30, 2009

Today marks 1 year we have been in Italy.

Lets recap the year shall we.

August 2008- hated Italy once we got here. The venice airport misplaced our bags so we were stuck in a baggage claim line for a couple hours. And when they did finally find our bags do you think they brought them to us? No! We had to rent a car and drive back down there to pick them up! Thank god for our garmin!

September - lived in TLF for most of that month. The 26th we moved into our apartment (which is also Zach's 2nd birthday).

October - Kai's birthday. And we did some pumpkin festival in Udine. That was pretty cool and we might try and make it back there this year.

November - wisdom teeth removed for me. Fun stuff. Thanksgiving was painful. ha Oh and our 6 year anniversary which wasnt celebrated because someone forgot about it yet again.

December - Christmas. I really dont remember much other than it snowed a couple times and the rest of the time it rained a lot and i was feeling really depressed because it never stopped raining.

January - huge ass gas bill so we put our name on the housing waiting list.

February - boring month, probably rained a lot then too.

March - my birthday

April - weather started to get a little better and we were offered a house.

May - This month usually goes slowly for me, but 2008 it went fast. Maybe its because i was preparing to move. We moved towards the end of May.

June - we had friends fly in and we went to Rome. I have to say that was probably the most fun i've had in Italy. I loved rome and cant wait to go back!

July - 4th of july fireworks were interesting in the rain. We also bought a 2nd car so i'm not stuck at home now!

August - We sold our Jeep thats back in PA. Though i dont love this place, i dont hate it as much as i use to. I'm pretty much over the fact that i cant get gas when i want and i cant go to the store when i want. but every now and then i get mad about that stuff again.

3 more years.

Things i really miss

This week i miss fair week back in PA. All my PA friends are talking about truck pulls, and cheesy fries, and country singers who will be there. Other than actual people thats all i miss from PA.

In FL i miss slick micks, helen back, sonic, target, the outlet mall, the many choices i had there for like everything, and the beach. I wasnt a huge beach fan, but i really took it for granted. Now i wish i could just go there again and jump in the water. But then i'm sure i would bitch about how it dries out my skin like i always did. ha And of course i miss our friends back there (some of which have also moved on).

Things that i love about here? Hhhmmmm......

well its a good place to be if you want to travel. Oh and i never get tired of looking at the mountain. The food. And thats about it!

Hopefully this year is better than last. I have a feeling it will be.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Yesterday we went and found out who kai's teacher is. We came home and looked in the yearbook for her picture and shes not in there, so i guess shes new.

There was only 1 girl (well that we noticed) that will be in kai's class that was in her kindy class. She was one of kai's on/off friends. Plus one of my friends daughters is in her class. So thats pretty cool.

I might go see my sisters keeper with a couple friends today. I like getting out of the house and getting to socialize with people closer to my age.

So 2 days till i start college and i'm still unclear as to where i'm getting money from. Sad right. I was approved for the MYCAA. I submitted the FA to the school this morning and it said it went through on the MYCAA website. But who knows when i will hear something about it on the florida tech site. It was 1500 total. So now all i have to pay for is the books which is like a few hundred. Hopefully i will get FAFSA money for that if not i guess i can get a loan. I just dont want to have to pay for that crap out of pocket. I hope next time i need books i can get them used.

Friday, August 28, 2009

I'm really bored today. Chris took my computer to go pick up his troop at the airport in Venice. He said he will be home around 11, but i bet its more like 2 or 3. Venice airport always misplaces luggage and i'm sure they will misplace his and he'll have to file a claim and it'll take forever. So yeah.

I was trying to figure out what to do and i remembered i had a lot of photos on picasa that i needed to have moved to flickr. Well that would have taken forever to do one by one. I was able to find a program that would move them all for me. Migratr It doesnt work on mac, so i had to use our spare computer (acer aspire one). It crashed when it was down downloading them from picasa but its been doing well with the uploading so far. Its still taking forever, but i'm sure it would be a lot slower doing it one by one.

I love looking at these old pictures. My kids have changed so much in just 1 year. Its crazy. And of course the photos made me miss fl. There was a lot of photos take at helen back on okaloosa island. We use to go there at least once a week before we left.

My flickr pro account expires September 17th i believe. I'm going to renew that for sure. Its a well spent $25 knowing my original photos are backed up incase my external HD fails.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Yesterday I went to the parents meeting for Kai's soccer. One of my friends son is on Kai's team. Yay!! That makes me happy, now i'll have someone to talk to during practices and games and stuff.

After that i went to the movies with some friends. We went and seen the proposal. It was cute and a lot better than what i thought it would be. I'm usually not into movies like that. You know, chick flicks. I tend to not do those.

I never got home till 11:30 and chris was all in bed and sleeping. Haha

I seriously need nights like that. I felt so great when i got home. I felt completely refreshed because i got to spend some time away from the kids. I love my kids, but seriously i do need a break from them every now and then.

Speaking of break from them. Kai starts school in 4 days! Yay!! I'm really looking forward to it. Tomorrow we get to go see who her teacher is. Not that it matters to me really, i dont know any of the teachers aside from the one she had last year.

I just cant believe shes going into the first grade! Its insane!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Kairi will be going back to school. Shes going into the 1st grade! I cannot believe it! Shes excited and i'm excited for her. Plus it will be nice to have a quiet house again. Kairi and Zach just fight all the time. Its really starting to wear on me.

Also i start college. A computer skills class (looks like its just going to be explaining microsoft word which i already know a great deal about). And also a arts class. Which i'm looking forward to. I'll be doing Florida Tech online and their terms are 8 weeks long. I want to get my BA before we move back to the states in 3 years. We'll see how that goes.

On top of starting school Kairi's first day of soccer starts on the 31st. Shes excited about that too as you can guess. We are waiting for her soccer shoes to get here in the mail. Every day she asks about them and gets mad when they dont come.

This week i have a few things that need to get done.

Today they came and fixed the ac upstairs. Its nice and cool up there again finally!

Tomorrow is Kairi's yearly physical (she needs it so she can do soccer). Thankfully she should not be getting a shot!

Wednesday is the parents meeting for soccer.

Thursday i need to go get my codice fiscale number so i can get to work on my soggiorno. I want to get this taken care of before kai has to go back to school, but i dont think that will happen. Maybe i can try to do that on Friday.

And i also need to get my car inspected so i can continue to get gas coupons.

Plus i need to find out whats going on with this stupid FASFA. I submitted it, but how long is it going to be before i know how much money i get? Ugh!

And i know i'm missing something. I'll remember it later.


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